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Heart-made. By you.

Damiani gives the opportunity to make a dream come true: create your own engagement ring. Choosing between endless combinations of setting, carat, color and clarity it is possible to give birth to a unique and exclusive solitaire ring. All Damiani diamonds are 'Conflict free', they comply with the UN resolution regarding the precious gemstones origin and with the Kimberley Process. Damiani certifies the solitaire diamonds' authenticity by engraving Damiani signature on ring and on diamond's girdle, in order to guarantee the absolute quality and uniqueness; over 0.30 carats Damiani engraves on diamond's girdle international certification number too, to ensure an additional guarantee. Endless combinations for eternal, elegant, refined and perfectly proportioned solitaire rings. A lifetime jewel.Damiani Solitaires. Hearth-made. By you.

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Carats from 000 to 000
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