Bridal Jewelry

Damiani jewelry is the perfect companion of the most special moments of life

Since ancient times bridal jewelry has always been the sealing mark, the indissoluble link between special moments of life and precious jewelry. The gift that is the tangible symbol of intangible social bonds, the ideas, feelings and the personality of the people involved. In every age, valuable jewels have been the most frequently chosen preferential gifts for their characteristic of combining symbolic value with the indubitable, aesthetic, eternal and real value. On certain occasions, giving a jewel as a gift has traditionally become the best way to highlight the importance and eternal value of the moment to celebrate. In addition, while jewelry in general has always been fascinating and coveted, bridal jewelry represents a significant and everlasting symbol.

Since 1924 Damiani jewelry has played a major role as the perfect memento for anniversaries of all kinds and unforgettable occasions, expressions of elegance and timeless glamour made tangible through singularly unique jewelry for men and women with diamonds and precious gems. Bridal jewelry: wedding bands, engagement rings for the cherished moments in life, including anniversaries and other private special occasions absent of customs and tradition. For every moment, at any time, Damiani jewelry is a unique gift, rich with symbolic and eternal significance and meaning.