Cherished emotions in a jewelry collection

This sophisticated Damiani jewelry collection encapsulates a skilful blend of the grace, emotions and delicacy of an elegant, high class woman, just as a flower bud preserves and collects its ambrosial essence. Diamonds and white and pink gold are used for these jewels crafted with care and passion to “blossom” on every woman wearing them. The Bocciolo jewelry collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces for women created with a new highly refined stylistic craftsman solution expressing a perfect balance between the preciousness of the materials and the brightness of Damiani jewelry diamonds. Bocciolo jewels are inspired by a fascinating and sophisticated woman.
This gold jewelry collection also includes a typical Damiani style necklace, featuring the rosary bead form that exalts the central element. Bocciolo, the Damiani jewelry collection, custodian of emotions and feelings of the special woman wearing it.