Damiani fine jewelry

Unique, precious jewels expressing the luxury of timeless class

Each Damiani creation represents the highest expression of Italian fine jewelry: almost 100 years of creating precious jewels entirely handmade with the greatest attention to detail and careful selection of gems, real masterpieces of fine jewelry art and expressions of a tradition that has remained unchanged and is the trademark of the Damiani style. Damiani fine jewelry creations aim at stylistic and aesthetic perfection. Unique, fascinating, elegant and refined jewels flow from the designer's inspiration expressing a distinctive style that has gained prestigious international awards. All Damiani jewels are a combination of tradition and innovation, a blend of the perfect balance of shape and top quality, an expression of savoir faire and confidence that has become the brand's strength and hallmark worldwide.

The unique masterpieces of Damiani fine jewelry are created for people who love wearing highly exclusive jewels for special occasions or simply to collect, custodians of emotions and timeless class, a treasure to pass down the generations that creates an indissoluble bond between past and present; a wealth of affection and family ties to safeguard and make eternal through the passage of time; a history of excellence bearing the values of the Damiani family passed from father to son for three generations. Damiani fine jewelry reaches the highest level of excellence with its Masterpieces, exclusive jewels, real masterpieces of unequalled excellence, and the 18 Diamond International Awards assigned to 18 precious Damiani jewels, an unparalleled achievement worldwide.

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Damiani Masterpieces Masterly crafted works of art

Damiani has always been synonymous for high-level tradition of made in Italy around the world. The Damiani Masterpieces come from designer inspiration, always able to create unique jewelry with endless artistry, real masterpieces of goldsmith's art at the highest levels of excellence. Damiani top end jewelry creations are rare examples aimed at aesthetic and stylistic perfection and have attained prestigious awards and recognitions over the years.

The expert artisans from Valenza are masters in emphasizing the light and colour of precious gemstones and diamonds, the pure lines and unique gems, transforming them into eternal objects able to convey strong emotions, the history and passion animating the birth of every single piece.

Damiani Masterpieces synthesize tradition with modernity, shapes with excellent quality and expressions of the savoir-faire that have become the strong point of the Maison at worldwide level.

The unique masterpieces of top end jewelry by Damiani are for people who love highly exclusive jewelry to wear for special occasions or simply to collect, custodians of emotions and timeless class, treasures to be passed down from generation to generation.

Exclusive design, highest quality, excellent craftsmanship: these are the features of all Damiani Masterpieces, creations that are the essence of luxury.

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