Movement and exquisite style: Damiani’s new collection of jewelry and watches

Elegant and seductive, the Eden jewelry collection aspires to the design of the Damiani bracelet of the same name, winner of the Diamond International Award, the world jewelry Oscar. A masterpiece of the goldsmith’s art, the collection features the snake, which has always seduced man’s imagination and unleashes an evocative force. Rings, earrings and bracelets live once more in new, multiple variations, all distinguished by a modern, exclusive design. The collection is in two versions – one combines black ceramic with pink gold, and the other unites the various colors of white, burnished and pink gold with matching diamonds, in perfect Damiani style. The pink gold and black ceramic ring, with two or three turns, is the expression of a contemporary style and current, seductive design. Two brilliants are on the sides at the end of the ring representing the snake’s eyes.
The spiral of pavé worked brilliants winding once, twice, three or four times on the white gold ring is more classic in the aesthetics, giving extreme femininity. The burnished gold with black, grey and white diamonds gives a rock-chic interpretation, creating an extraordinary nuance that reflects on the ring with two or four turns. The pink gold and brown diamond version, with two or three turns is warm and romantic, elegant and timeless, perfect for dressing today’s woman with a vaguely retro style. The unmistakable Damiani taste, always modern and up to date, unites perfect wearability with a unique design in these creations through the ductile, elastic consistency. The sinuous spiral of the snake winds with elegance and natural softness, giving comfortable wear with a final effect of great softness and preciousness. The watch embraces the wrist, exuding light and femininity: a soft, sensuous, enchanting spiral of 18 carat gold studded with white, black and brown diamonds.