A jewelry collection with the sophisticated charm of the past

The never forgotten charm of the past is now revived in the jewelry collection Juliette. The seduction of a story that became legendary for its gems: Dutch rose cut diamonds. The “rose” cut, in use since 1500, takes its name from the resemblance to a rose bud and has a brilliance that evokes the magic tale of one of the most famous diamonds of all time, the Great Mogul. It is said that sometime after 1650 a Venetian cutter cut a rough diamond into a 280 carat gem in India. The legend says that non-one knows exactly where this spectacular gem is but we cherish the thought that the beauty of this cut still used today has remained unchanged in time.
The special charm of jewelry collection for women Juliette comes from the perfect combination of rose cut diamonds with its particular pattern – delicate semicircles merge Oriental influences with fin-de-siècle architectural elements, Art Decò rigour and the delicacy of Art Nouveau, known in Italy as the “Liberty style” (and the Tiffany style in the US). The gold and diamond rings, necklaces, earrings forming this Damiani jewelry collection feature a timeless heritage, able to inspire the magic and passion of the mysterious charm of the past.