Luxury watch collection symbolizing femininity

Mimosa is a luxury watch collection with unmistakable elegance and femininity. The mimosa is a very delicate looking flower that hides strength and vitality, symbols of femininity and freedom. The luxury watch collection Mimosa springs from the synergy of coloured precious gems and very pure diamonds, combined with each other like sparkling buds, just like the coloured flowers that bloom in spring: a delicate and classic composition with an incomparable and bubbly touch, like the very unique flower that this collection of luxury watches is named after.
Four different colour versions: with white diamonds, ruby gems and sapphire gemstones, in shades of red and pink, or with white diamonds, blue and light blue (cyan) sapphire gemstones. Mimosa, a uniquely glamorous and enthralling luxury watch collection bestowing elegance and femininity to the woman wearing it.