A jewelry collection inspired by nature

This Damiani jewelry collection reinterprets the exclusive Masterpiece Peacock collection. The painstaking attention to detail plays a fundamental role in the creation of these masterpieces of goldsmith’s craftsmanship. The pieces comprising this jewelry collection for women, ring, earrings and necklace, are a skilful combination of gold and gemstones that create fascinating nature inspired chromatic effects, recalling the shapes and colours of peacock feathers.
The three Damiani white gold jewels are enriched with gemstones, diamonds, emerald gems, and sapphires, in original shapes of surprising beauty and elegance. The Mini Peacock pendant is a cascade of colour and light able to create a spectacular visual effect and adorn the neck of the woman wearing it. Enveloping and sophisticated, the ring highlights the spectacular brightness of the precious gemstones with a distinctive design. Drops of pure radiant light, the precious earrings that are part of this jewelry collection are made of diamonds, sapphires and emerald gems that elegantly caress the face.