The jewelry collection with inborn class

The jewelry collection Minou is a classic Damiani collection in white gold or platinum and diamonds. Delicate, refined and elegant, the design of this Damiani jewelry collection is identifiable for its exclusive “raised” setting of the diamond that lightly emphasizes the splendor of the gems. The Minou jewelry collection consists of a range of solitaires with multiple carat diamonds, and spotlight diamond earrings and necklace, rings, and three gemstones earrings and necklace, tennis bracelet, all with the particular setting that identifies and makes the collection distinctive.
The solitaire ring design of this Damiani jewelry collection adds a special and particular “crown” to the mounting, “dressing” the centre gem with a crown of diamonds at its base, for an ever more precious jewel. Minou: elegant and unique jewelry for women, charming for its inborn class and incomparable grace.