Moon Drops

The jewelry collection designed by Ludovica Andreoni Montezemolo

Moon Drops is the jewelry collection originating in the creative partnership of Maison Damiani and designer Ludovica Andreoni Montezemolo, trend-setter and style icon. The circle theme, with its infinite soft shapes, is the heart of the collection – rings and earrings that speak to today’s women through a skilful blend of modern and traditional materials, a mixture of colours and feelings. The use of different shades of yellow, pink and white gold, black and brown diamonds, alternating with precious gems, semi precious stones and pearls make this jewelry collection unique and one of its kind.
In particular, the rings can be worn individually or combined with each other, always with a new and surprising effect. Moon Drops jewelry evokes a romantic world of colours and dreams, able to stand out and emotionally affect. A perfect symbol of the variety of the female universe, a tribute that Damiani and Ludovica Andreoni Montezemolo wanted to make to connoisseurs of luxury and Italian style with this unforgettable jewelry collection.