A new jewelry collection of romantic, floral inspiration

The attention to detail and the choice of color combinations and materials makes this jewelry collection unique and exclusive. Renaissance collection consists of rings and earrings in the 3 colors of gold which take the shape of a beautiful flower. The stone at the center is highlighted by a corolla of smaller stones that make up the individual petals of the flower.
Various color variants compose this new Damiani collection: the most precious in white gold, with a ruby, sapphire or emerald surrounded by diamonds, for the woman who loves classic, sophisticated jewelry; smoky quartz set in yellow gold is surrounded by brown diamonds and orange sapphires; rhodolite has been selected for the pink gold with surrounding petals in brown diamonds and pink sapphires toning with the color of the gold; finally, for the white gold, a blue iolite is set at the center of the ring and earrings while the corolla consists of brown diamonds and light blue sapphires.