Wedding Bands

An always current classic

A jewelry collection designed exclusively for the very special moment in life is the marriage ceremony. With this wedding band collection Damiani redesigned and modernized the classic wedding band concept, creating new and unforgettable rings, the symbol of timeless unions and love vows. The wedding band is a mutual gift with a very strong symbolic meaning that is the foundation of marriage. This is what led Damiani to create a rich collection of white, pink yellow gold and platinum wedding bands featuring the original “comfort fit” design.
All models can be further customized by also engraving the Damiani logo on the exterior. Damiani wedding bands represent the “forever after jewelry collection” par excellence, also for the small diamond that is enclosed within to highlight the uniqueness and eternity of such an important moment as ones’ wedding day. A precious secret, intimate and private like the feelings shared by the couple, a diamond that in some rings can also be set externally. Damiani wedding bands: the jewelry collection for the most important choice of your life.