Damiani jewelry bracelets

From classic gold bracelets to the historic tennis bracelet: the preciousness of a world full of jewelry with wonderful surprises

The root of the word “bracelet” is “brachile” (Latin meaning “braccio”, or arm), and in French “barcel”. The use of bracelets for men and women goes back to ancient times: for the Romans, a simple round gold bracelet was worn on the left wrist as a sign of military valour. From the Roman empire to the Renaissance, the bracelet continues to be a popular jewel for both men and women, an element distinguishing the role and power for the former, simply as an ornament for the latter, increasingly richer with new shapes and new materials based on the tastes and styles of each age. In history, the success of this jewel is closely connected to fashion, but in our day and age jewelry bracelets, for both women and men, are favourite ornaments, known to be the source of new fashion trends. Damiani jewelry bracelets for men and women are a fundamental jewelry accessory, a precious world to be explored with all its most elegant, modern and luxurious variations. Exclusive design, extremely high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship are the features of every jewelry creation of the Maison, one of the highest expressions of Italian craftsmanship across the globe. Damiani jewelry bracelets, in their many editions and interpretations, are part of most of the company’s jewelry collections, created with skilful expertise by master artisans and goldsmiths, capable of highlighting the light and colour of gold, diamonds and gemstones. Traditional yellow, white and pink gold bracelets, more original ones in black and brown gold; spectacular bracelets in gold and diamonds; modern bracelets for women in silver and gems; very topical silver and stainless steel bracelets for men; elegant and sophisticated pearl bracelets; the forever fashionable and luxurious tennis bracelet: Damiani jewelry bracelet offer responds to everyone’s taste and way of making the most wonderful wishes come true.

Tennis bracelet: the exclusivity of a classic jewel

One of the fine jewels that should not be missing from a woman’s jewelry case, the tennis bracelet certainly fits in this category and has become an icon in the history of jewelry. The tennis bracelet is a timeless jewel, elegant and versatile; it is the historic rivière bracelet, a simple yet refined row of identical diamonds, set one after the other in a flexible setting, following each other without a start or finish, to symbolize eternal love. Maybe not everyone knows that the tennis bracelet was accidentally given this name after the famous American tennis athlete Chris Evert, who in 1987 interrupted a game at the American Open championship because she had lost one of her diamond bracelets. At the press conference that followed, she explained the interruption had been inevitable because she never lost sight of her “tennis bracelet”, unconsciously renaming one of the must-haves of contemporary jewelry. Since then, the classic diamond bracelet is known to one and all as the tennis bracelet. From 1987 to date, colours and shapes have been added, and the design and materials embellished. The tennis bracelets proposed by Damiani, in particular, are included in some of the jewelers’ classic collections in white gold and diamonds, featuring both classical and modern lines created to highlight the precious gems and enhance their brightness to the highest level. The range of Damiani tennis bracelets is completed by the black diamonds edition: a new jewel created for men but chosen by women who prefer a more aggressive style. The tennis bracelet is the perfect day and evening jewel that adapts just as easily to elegant evening attire as to everyday outfits. With its simplicity but highly sophisticated craftsmanship this classic piece of jewelry is still an undisputed champion of charm and elegance.