Damiani jewelry earrings

From pearl earrings, to diamond stud earrings: elegant varieties of luxury

The first archaeological findings of earrings date to the third millennium BC, when men wore them as symbols of virility and military audacity. Constantly present as a detail of attire, all earrings, even for women, disappeared during the middle Ages but were once again fashionable during the Renaissance period, when there was a return especially of pearl earrings. In the 17th century pearl earrings fashion gave way to diamond stud earrings, with the rapidly increasing predominance of this gem in every ornament. In general, earrings add light to the face; highlight expressions and the intensity of both smile and glance. Because of this, jewelry earrings for women are an irreplaceable element of the Italian Maison’s jewelry collections, often proposed in elegant parures: earrings – ring and earrings – bracelet, or in more traditional parures: pendant necklace – earrings, precious and enriched with gems for more formal occasions, with pearls, diamonds or discrete decorations for everyday life. Like all Damiani creations jewelry earrings for women also have an exclusive design, very high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, available in the various collections with different interpretations and use of materials and gems. Traditional yellow, white and pink gold earrings; original black and brown gold earrings; always current pearl earrings; unforgettable diamond stud earrings; modern earrings for women with precious coloured gems; essential and very elegant spotlight diamond earrings: with all the skillful combinations of materials and gems, in the stud and pendant versions, jewelry earrings enhance the face of their owner and have the power to express the style of every woman at best.

Diamond stud earrings: the glamour of sophisticated and elegant luxury

Since the introduction of this fashion in the 17th century, diamond stud earrings have been among the jewels preferred by women of all ages. The most simple model of Damiani diamond stud earrings is based on a single precious gem on the earlobe and is the classic choice, perfect in every circumstance, elegant when necessary and casual if required, capable of adding light and intensity to the face of the woman wearing them. When speaking about Damiani earrings with diamonds, remember that this precious and versatile gem, in most collections of the Italian jewelry house, embellishes jewelry of any size and setting, for sublimely crafted women’s stud or pendant earrings. As for all Damiani jewelry, also in the creation of jewelry earrings, diamonds are expertly selected and differentiated by purity, toughness, brightness and excellent craftsmanship. Damiani diamond stud earrings: unquestioned elegance of an excellent combination of gold and precious gems, the eternal glamour of sophisticated and elegant luxury.