Damiani jewelry necklaces

From diamond and gold necklaces, to pearl necklaces: prestigious handcrafting and goldsmith excellence

Necklaces are probably the most ancient piece of jewelry: originally, like all ornaments, they were used during magic rituals and considered capable of keeping malicious influxes at bay. Throughout history necklaces for men and women have acquired increasingly refined shapes, through goldsmith’s techniques that varied according to the tastes of every single age. Only after the Renaissance necklaces became an exclusively feminine object, less bulky to better highlight the natural beauty of gems. Therefore, throughout history the good fortune of this jewel has been closely connected with fashion trends, while today necklaces for women and men are particularly cherished ornaments. Damiani jewelry necklaces for women and men, in the various interpretations and styles, elegant, modern, precious, are a fundamental piece of the jewelry house’s collections. Prestigious craftsmanship, excellent quality materials, and exclusive design characterize Damiani jewelry necklaces, made entirely by hand with the utmost attention to detail. And in some cases, great masterpieces of goldsmith’s art made through a skillful combination of gold, diamonds, gems and pearls, in the incomparable Damiani style. Traditional white, yellow, pink, black, brown and white gold necklaces; luxurious gold and diamonds necklaces; unequalled silver and diamonds necklaces for women; elegant and sophisticated pearl necklaces; refined pendant necklaces; precious gemstone necklaces, luminous spotlight diamond necklaces, modern gold and silver necklaces for men: all Damiani jewelry necklaces, impeccable creations of goldsmith mastery, can provide unforgettable emotions and express the personal style of whoever wears them at best.

Pearl necklaces: elegance and class in an ageless gift

Pearl necklaces are a real passe-partout for women’s jewelry, wearable in every occasion: perfect for the day, impeccable in the evening. The pearl, star of stories and legends and symbol of harmony and sensuality, has passed down its unblemished and fascinating charm over the centuries, deeply connected with the intimate personality of a woman for whom it still marks the most important moments in life today. Women’s jewelry created with this organic precious gem, including pearl necklaces, has become a timeless classic, bestowing elegant and refined brightness, for women who have developed a personal style that is not subject to fashion trends. Damiani, also for the selection of gems and creation of its pearl necklaces, has always adopted the level of care and attention that has given the company worldwide fame for the quality of its jewelry. Damiani pearl necklaces can boast unparalleled beauty and value, a uniqueness given by pearls carefully chosen in their places of origin based on excellence, quality and perfection, and expertly combined by the skillful hands of master artisans to satisfy every woman’s taste. Presenting a Damiani pearl necklace as a gift means giving an eternal, elegant and high class jewel; wearing a Damiani pearl necklace means owning an extremely luminous and high quality jewel and acquiring some of the magic that is so preciously generated and stored by the sea.