Damiani jewelry rings

From rings with precious gems to solitaire rings: traditional and modern versions of the elegance and excellence of luxury

In the past rings for men and women had a variety of functions in addition to being purely decorative they were religious, authority and love symbols. The round shape shows the ring is a symbol of eternity, continuity of life, and perfection: this is why the ring has always been seen as the symbolism of everlasting love, in the past and today. It seems that even in ancient Rome engagement and wedding rings were used as an auspice of stability. Damiani jewelry rings for women are fundamental jewelry accessories, with all the variations available in various collections: precious creations and expressions of master craftsmanship, refined elegance, modernity and luxurious excellence. Easily wearable, all Damiani jewelry rings are the result of continuous research focused on combining new styles with perfect accuracy, through the highest levels of goldsmith techniques and the gemology expertise of Casa Damiani, acquired in nearly a century of history. Entirely handmade with painstaking care for detail, Damiani rings for women are masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art, expressed through a skillful combination of gold, diamonds, precious gems and pearls, with the unmistakably unique style of the Italian jewelry Maison. Traditional rings in white, yellow, pink, black and brown gold; sparkling rings for women with precious gems; everlasting and romantic rings with diamonds; eternal wedding rings; extremely elegant pearl rings; Damiani jewelry rings are a special way of valuing the importance and eternity of an occasion to celebrate, able to fulfill wonderful dreams and give unforgettable emotions.

A solitaire ring: the exclusivity of a precious and simple gift

Among all the rings of Casa Damiani, the solitaire ring, engagement ring by definition, deserves special attention as sublime artisan craftsmanship and the greatest expression of everlasting feelings. The solitaire diamond ring is undoubtedly the perfect emblem of the love vow. The Damiani engagement ring, in its most traditional version in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds, is the star of some of the most remarkable collections of the Italian Maison: with different mounts and 4, 6, and 8 prong settings, every Damiani solitaire ring is created to highlight the precious gem and give greatest expression to its sparkling brilliance. The authenticity of Damiani engagement rings is also guaranteed by DGS – Damiani Guarantee System certification that requires the engraving of colour grade, carats, certification number and the Damiani trademark on the solitaire diamond ring. Uniqueness and exclusivity for the Damiani solitaire ring: a sublime engagement ring as testimony of the eternity of a promise, of an indissoluble love bond.