Diamond jewelry by Damiani

Classic and timeless elegance for special occasions

Damiani diamonds are the traditional symbols, the perfect endorsement of unforgettable occasions and anniversaries. The purity, toughness and clarity of the gems confer eternal and unique charm to diamond jewelry. Damiani diamonds are skillfully selected and stand out for their splendor, not just because of the famous "4 Cs" but also for the excellent craftsmanship of expert artisans, goldsmiths and designers, capable of gracefully enhancing the precious gemstones set in gold jewelry. Damiani diamonds, one of the highest expressions of the excellence of Damiani diamond jewelry, are the stars of innumerable jewelry collections, featuring high level goldsmith's techniques and exquisite craftsmanship. The maximum expression of timeless elegance and charm is represented by Damiani jewelry with unique and precious gems.

History and etymology of diamonds

Since 1600, when they became known as the greatest of all gems, diamonds have never lost their primacy. The diamond, from Greek "adamas - invincible", is made of carbon with a melting point of approximately 4000°C. The first diamonds were extracted over 2800 years ago in India, while the modern mining industry began with the discovery of South African mines in the 19th century.

Diamonds are formed deep in the depths of the earth. Like other gems, the diamond is a crystal formed by atoms and molecules that acquire an orderly arrangement during the fusion and cooling stages. Externally, the crystals acquire geometric forms limited by natural polygonal faces. Eras of tremendous geologic upheaval caused the formation of diamonds: carbon was crystallized in the Earth's great depths as a result of very high temperatures.

The predominance of these supreme gems benefitted greatly from increasingly perfect cutting and polishing techniques available today, due to expert goldsmiths able to exalt all the diamonds best features.

Diamond carats
Diamond cuts

Diamond classification

Diamond classification and evaluation parameters are identified in four factors defined as the "4 Cs": carat, cut, colour and clarity.

Carat: indicates the diamond carat, or the weight of the gem in carats. The name originates from the carob seed, used for measuring because of its consistent weight in ancient times. The carat is divided into 100 points, so a 50 point diamond is a 0.50 carat diamond. In the past, diamonds were weighed with increasingly accurate scales, today diamond carats are measured electronically because of the greater accuracy and sensitivity.

Cut: indicates both the proportions of the diamond cut, and the shape that is given to the gem. The cut, which requires able human intervention, is important as it determines the refraction of light and consequently the gem's brilliance and sparkle. There are also multiple diamond cuts used for different pieces of jewelry: oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, heart shaped diamonds, princess cut diamonds, carré cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, tapered diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, baguette diamonds, rose cut diamonds.

Colour: In most cases, the degree of diamond colour actually represents the degree of absence of colour. Diamond grading levels are defined by letters, where D is for entire colourless and extremely rare diamonds and Z indicates intensely coloured diamonds.

Clarity: diamond clarity indicates the presence, number, position and size of inclusions, thus determining the degree of flawlessness or clarity of these gems. Any inclusions, tiny internal flaws invisible to the naked eye, are traces of minerals, the legacy of the gems' crystallization process. The number and position of inclusions are shown in the diamond's certificate.

Damiani brilliant cut diamonds: the greatest expression of the sparkling diamond

The brilliant cut is the one that enhances the sparkle and brilliance of all gems. In particular, when talking simply about "brilliants", especially in certain languages, these are brilliant cut diamonds; while for all other gems, the name of the precious gemstones is added to "brilliant". The shape of brilliant cut diamonds is generally round, as it enables the greatest brilliance to be developed. In particular, Damiani brilliants can be set individually in spectacular solitaire jewelry, be the central gem of a more elaborate setting, or surround of a larger gem. Brilliant cut diamonds are among the most expensive per carat, because they imply greater losses in terms of weight and size when they are cut, but are also the highest expression of the gems' brilliance.

Damiani brilliant cut diamonds

Damiani guarantee system: DGS

After carefully sourcing and examining each gemstone, expert Damiani gemologists carefully choose the finest diamonds that stand out for their unequalled value and the superior quality that Maison Damiani always seeks. Accurate, detailed selection criteria, identified worldwide as the “4Cs” are used to choose only diamonds that meet the brand’s high quality standards. Damiani personalizes its Heart- Made by you solitaire with an exclusive etching inside the band listing the diamond’s characteristics: color, carat, international certificate number (GIA or HRD). Damiani offers a further guarantee of quality: diamonds have a miniscule laser etching with the Damiani logo and the certification number on the girdle of the stone. The Damiani logo etched on the diamond girdle and the Damiani International Guarantee of Authenticity distinguish even diamonds of less than 30 points of a carat as a guarantee of product characteristics and quality.”

The Kimberley Process for "conflict-free diamonds"

The Kimberley Process is an international initiative that regulates the diamond trade, protecting it from the introduction on the market of diamonds involved in conflicts. The mandate is managed by the United Nations and is currently adopted by 69 Countries, non-governmental organizations, and market sector operators. Every load of diamonds exported across an international border must be accompanied by a diamond certification that ratifies compliance with the Kimberley Process, authenticated by government authorities.

In addition to this, certification system is a guarantee system that requires market sector operators to continue to certify the origin of diamonds throughout their entire lifecycle by means of a compliance certificate. In line with the Kimberley Process, Damiani diamonds and "brilliants" are selected and treated in keeping with a code of ethics that clearly and transparently defines the values that the company stands for. Symbol of light, immutability, eternity, diamond jewelry has always represented the ideal choice for a precious gift, a special occasion, a moment to be remembered.


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