Engagement rings

The solitaire diamond ring as the ultimate symbol of betrothal

One of the most important and symbolic moments in life, engagement is an event that will be cherished and remembered forever and there is nothing more perfect to mark it than a precious jewel. Rings have, more than other objects, best expressed the symbolism of love, also as the ultimate engagement gift, since ancient times.
In the Renaissance, in particular, the engagement ring acquired an even more effective symbol: the diamond gem, invincible and pure, intensifying the meaning of the ring as the symbol of eternal love.
The first known occurrence of a solitaire diamond ring given to seal this important moment was in 1477: the councilor of Maximilian, archduke of Austria, wrote a letter to the future emperor suggesting he presented his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, with a diamond ring.
Since then and over the centuries the engagement ring has become richer and more valuable than the wedding ring.
In the nineteenth century, the solitaire diamond ring was unquestionably the purest, fundamental and primary pledge of everlasting love. The ring, symbol of continuity, expresses the perseverance of love through the most "invincible" of gems, the diamond, pure and eternal. The solitaire diamond ring fully satisfies the desire for a powerful and eternal symbol, the search for values that go beyond appearances, expression of beauty and purity that are never separated from the concepts of love and fidelity.

The Damiani solitaire: the perfect combination of ring and diamond

A diamond ring is the quintessential engagement ring, representing one of the highest expressions of goldsmith's art of Damiani jewelry.
Damiani solitaire diamond rings, traditional symbols of a pledge of everlasting love, blend with innovative design to give life to new, more current but just as beautiful interpretations. Extreme and essential, modern and dynamic, Damiani solitaire diamond rings come to life bestowing ever more fascination on female beauty.
To create the traditional Damiani solitaire diamond ring the precious gems are expertly selected and set in splendid jewels, exquisitely crafted by master artisans and goldsmiths.
From the more traditional brilliant cut diamond set in white gold, the renowned jewelry Maison creates solitaire diamond rings in a variety of settings with 4, 6 or 8 prongs, each designed to highlight the precious gems and disperse the light they radiate at best.
In addition, all Damiani diamonds are subject to the DGS - Damiani Guarantee System certification process that attests the authenticity of every single Damiani solitaire diamond ring and requires the engraving of colour grade, carats, certification number and Damiani trademark. To further highlight the ring's value, the Damiani signature and certification number are also engraved on the diamond's girdle.
Uniqueness and exclusivity are the key characteristics of the DGS: every Damiani solitaire diamond ring that is a representation of a perfect match between diamond and ring, becomes a unique creation.
A Damiani gold engagement ring is forever.

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L'anello di fidanzamento
L'anello di fidanzamento

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