Damiani handmade jewelry Every Damiani creation is the highest expression of Italian craftsmanship

Damiani jewelry is the result of highly creative work, exclusive focus on handmade jewelry design, the shapes, the quality of gems and the accuracy of craftsmanship, one of the highest expressions of Italian made craftsmanship. Creations featuring high level finishing and painstaking care of details, through the use of a control system that ensures that all Damiani jewelry is of the highest quality.

Every Damiani jewelry creation comes from passionate research and development focused on handmade jewelry design, based on the work of a team of creative designers at the centre in Valenza, the goldsmith district renowned worldwide as the excellence centre of jewelry creation. Designing jewelry is the first step in a process of closely linked operations. All Damiani jewelry and watches encapsulate the previous history, technical and specialized gemology knowledge, creative and stylistic research that has evolved over time - a beautiful jewel is a single creative act from centuries of expertise.

In the creation of handmade jewelry, handcraft experience has a fundamental role at every step in the process - from designing the jewel to building the model, shaping the precious metals, setting the gems and the finish.

Craftsmanship and design of Damiani handmade jewelry

First stage: from idea to prototype. "Laboratorio Damiani" receives new designs from the Damiani design studio in Milan. This may be just a freehand drawing, at times a two-dimensional perspective drawing, at others a simple pen or pencil sketch. The design is then modeled in 3D by the company's CAD designers who, with the aid of specific computer applications and prototype machines, create precise manufacturing models: the design becomes a "virtual" shape.

Second stage: from Damiani handmade jewelry prototypes to serial manufacture. With the prototype mould usually made of brass, wax or resin, the development of serial manufacture is started - all rubber moulds, checked to ensure correct operation, are numbered, catalogued and stored in the wax department.

Third stage: wax department, production of Damiani handmade jewelry is started. Vacuum-sealed liquid wax injection machines are used in this department to mass produce the wax required for production. Wax is placed on a wax tree, grouped by orders and quantities - a rubber base holds the wax "trunk" from which "branches" sprout in various directions; the wax is fixed at the end of these branches.

Fourth stage: lost wax casting. Once the wax tree is covered with casting plaster, the wax mixed with the casting material is heated and melted. After a long procedure, the vacuum casting process is started with the liquefied gold pouring into the mould to fill every empty space. After cooling, the process moves on to the workbench, the next step in the creation of a future Damiani jewel.

Fifth stage: the workbench. When casting is complete, the products are collected and divided by orders, then they are distributed to the goldsmiths in charge of the finish and assembling Damiani handmade jewelry using traditional welding techniques. All creations are stamped and branded with their identification, the company brand, and the alloy. The assembled Damiani jewel is then handed to the cleaners/polishers and quality control, carried out at each step of the process.

Sixth stage: setting department. Damiani gems and diamonds, before setting, are carefully analyzed and selected. Among the most commonly used gems are sapphires gemstones, ruby gemstones, emerald gemstones, aquamarine gemstones, onyx gemstones, amethyst gemstones, quartz gemstones, turquoise, white, black and pink pearls, and, of course, diamonds, the ultimate symbols of Damiani jewelry.

Seventh stage: rhodium plating. The final stage on white gold or platinum Damiani jewelry is rhodium plating: a thin coating of rhodium is applied to the metal surface to contribute to enhancing the sparkle and shine of white gold or platinum.

From the first stage to execution, the artisans carry out their work: made of discoveries and closely kept secrets, that every master goldsmith has acquired with experience, leading to the production of unique creations, as unique as the expert craftsmanship and sophisticated design of Damiani handmade jewelry, products that are 100% Italian and have given the group the status of ambassadors of Italian style around the world.

The craftsmanship of Damiani luxury watches

Exclusive design, superior quality, excellent craftsmanship are the features of Damiani bracelet watches for women, created with the most sophisticated techniques of Italian craftsmanship.

Unique objects from the perfect combination of elegant design, unparalleled attention to detail, expertise in working with Damiani diamonds and gems, and timeless craftsmanship. Precious luxury watches even more unique for their Italian style, enriched by the colours of gems and brightness of Damiani diamonds that add a touch of exclusivity to these highly sophisticated watches.

All setting operations are handmade by expert artisans in Switzerland, the country renowned for the world's best watchmakers, to bring to life creations that are the essence of luxury, as in the case of diamonds set on hands of watches - a distinctive element of extremely sublime craftsmanship.

Luxury implies the best, and the best implies experience, passion, and patience. These qualities are the basis for the creation of the superb face of the Masterpiece bracelet watch: its crafting required over 270 hours of work of expert artisans, with a face featuring 4 different cuts of Damiani diamonds and the invisible and sublime setting from below of over 240 diamonds.

The design of Damiani handmade jewelry and luxury watches has always been one of the highest expressions of Italian style and craftsmanship in the world, to surprise even the most demanding and sophisticated women with superior, exquisite jewelry.

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