A selection of watches identified by exclusive design and excellent craftsmanship

Damiani luxury watches merge accurate craftsmanship and the latest trends of high-end horology. Actually, they are representations of a perfect balance between design and elegance, made even more precious by the yet unseen technical and aesthetic details that place them in the category of horology masterpieces. Expertly created by the best Swiss watchmakers, they are made unique by the integration with the most modern trends of Italian design. This combination is important for the creation of extraordinary luxury watches, for sophisticated tastes that favor excellence and seek the real essence of luxury in the most exquisite details; an example of which are the diamonds on the hour and minutes hands, a distinctive element that adds a touch of exclusivity to some of the highly sophisticated luxury wristwatches. The luxury watches by Damiani, in fact, are skillfully enriched by the colors of gemstones and the brightness of diamonds. Additionally, in some watches, the ceramic, adopted for the case in white or black, adds glamour and refinement by highlighting the sparkle of the gems and the preciousness of details. Perfect for elegant attire but also for every day wear, all Damiani luxury watches are characterized by distinctive lines and appealing shapes, combined with fine materials and exceptionally valuable gems. Damiani luxury watches are the perfect interpretation of the jewelry house’s Italian style, of the painstaking attention to detail and the constant search for excellent quality. Watches in white gold, ceramic watches, watches with diamonds and colored gemstones, refined sports watches, watches with mother of pearl, stylishly elegant chronograph watches: all precious luxury watches by Damiani are small masterpieces, surprising in their exclusivity, in their unique craftsmanship and in their sophisticated preciousness.