Men's jewelry

Growth trend in male jewelry

Talking about men's jewelry is a little bit like going back to the debut of jewelry art: it was created to honour authority, military ability, courage, and power. Women learnt the value and pleasure of wearing precious ornaments from men.
Until the 18th century, there wasn't a clear distinction between men's jewelry and women's jewelry; all ornaments were worn indifferently by men or women, feeding the vanity of men and women with the ostentation of precious creations.
Every age and culture has, in the past, ascribed great importance to men's jewelry: from the Humanistic period and the Renaissance, to 18th century Russia and the Czars and English Lords in the 19th century, history is full of men who celebrated the luxury of their clothing and jewelry with pearls, gems and diamonds.
Today, never as before has men's jewelry experienced a period of absolute glory. A jewel bought to celebrate a professional achievement, or simply to affirm one's personality through exclusive design and precious materials: men's jewelry proposes precious and elegant objects to respond to men's distinct tastes.

Men's jewelry by Damiani

Damiani men's jewelry portfolio includes remarkable and valuable jewelry creations with a strong masculine character, perfect for a variety of situations: precious men's cufflinks for the most elegant man; modern men's bracelets for a man who cares about fashion trends; various men's necklaces for both classic and modern men; practical men's key-chains for a very dynamic man; useful men's money clips for the more traditional man.

There are two Damiani men's jewelry collections:

- Justman: collection of all men's silver jewelry, with an austere style, a distinctive and innovative design, and the light effects of the silver and semi-precious gemstones;

- Prestige: a men's jewelry collection with a minimalist and elegant design, in gold, enamel and diamonds, for precious and refined creations.

Damiani's men's jewelry is today more than ever the perfect, long lasting gift that underlines a relationship and recalls important moments experienced together or special occasions of a man's life.

La collezione Justman

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