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2012 Damiani campaign

The photographer Greg Williams shot the new Damiani campaign at Eltham Palace, an aristocratic mansion outside London.
Under Silvia Damiani’s artistic supervision, Greg Williams and Art Director Paul Barry have created intimate spaces, in order to get a mysterious movie atmosphere, thanks to warm lights and strong shadows.
The campaign follows a woman during her day, when she wears different jewels from the morning to the evening. A woman who is always elegant, at every moment.
Her Damiani jewel becomes her faithful companion as well as the main character of the campaign, thanks to a still life Polaroid of every jewel set on each picture.
Graphics have been also edited, becoming more elegant and contemporary, to express better the values of one of the most important brands in luxury.
Silvia Damiani declares: “We are extremely happy with the results of this campaign. We wanted to have the jewels at the center of the campaign and make them star in a woman’s life. I think we have succeeded and I am sure that the campaign will be successful all over the world.”

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