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Damiani and Nakata together for a humanitarian project

Together, Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata are supporting an important humanitarian project, creating a new collection that will enable funds to be raised for the charity ‘Home for All’. It will be a way to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry thinking of others and doing good.

Damiani and Nakata have designed ‘Metropolitan Dream by H. Nakata’ together. The collection, with an innovative and eclectic design, is intended for the metropolitan man and is a range of jewelry inspired by the Metropolitan Dream collection, one of the Damiani musts. This exclusive jewelry has been presented in the Damiani boutique in Ginza in Tokyo.

Hidetoshi Nakata, model, trend setter and former footballer in the Japanese national team, has been active in voluntary work for years and is also founder of the humanitarian association Take Action. It is for this special project that he wanted to work directly with Giorgio Damiani. Together, they reviewed Metropolitan Dream, the collection with an unmistakeable texture, the result of skilful craft by the Damiani master goldsmiths. The range was launched in 2010 and is still one of the best-liked of the brand around the world.

In Japan, part of the revenue from the sales of the collection will be donated to a ‘Home for All’ project created by the most famous Japanese architects in 2011 with the aim of finding a way to help earthquake victims in the reconstruction of the cities concerned and improve the daily life of the community. The result was the creation of ‘places’ where people could feel as if they were in their own home, meet, rest and talk about the future of the city. Eleven ‘Homes for All’ had been built to July 2014 and it is expected that four more will be built, also due to Damiani’s contribution.

Outside Japan, in other Countries, a part of the proceeds from the sale of the “Metropolitan Dream collection by H.  Nakata” will be used to support the «Clean Water Project», the humanitarian project, supported by Damiani to construct clean water wells in Africa. Damiani has continued to build wells for years, also thanks to the sales of the Maji collection designed for that purpose with the star Sharon Stone. The latest well was donated by the Damiani family during the meeting obtained with Pope Francesco on October 1, 2014, a meeting that Damiani used to close their 90th anniversary celebration.

The director of the ‘Home for All’ project is Toyo Ito, one of the most innovative and influential architects in the world and winner of the Pritzer Prize 2013. Ito is especially liked for development of extreme architectural concepts in which he combines the physical and virtual worlds. Toyo Ito has been guest of honour, with Hidetoshi Nakata, at the cocktail party held in the Damiani boutique in Tokyo.

Giorgio Damiani, Hidetoshi Nakata and the architect Toyo Ito are making an important commitment and, before the press conference in Tokyo, they went to the north of Japan to visit the places destroyed by the earthquake of March 2011. This is a noble ideal that the Damiani family and Hidetoshi Nakata have embraced with great sensitivity and the desire to play an active part in helping those who still live in extremely difficult conditions.

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