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Damiani and the restoration of Santa Maria delle Grazie


Renowned the world over for hosting in its refectory Leonardo’s The Last Supper, the exceptional masterpiece of Renaissance Milan, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie required a completion of the interior restoration work that had started in 2004.

Bernardino Butinone’s paintings, completed between 1482 and 1485, were actually in a very bad state of repair with faded images due to the thick layer of surface deposits that had greyed out the canvas. The restoration, funded by Damiani, also involved the lower portions and the inner curves of the arch.

“The Santa Maria delle Grazie church, said Guido Damiani , is a masterpiece and the envy of the world. An invaluable artistic, historic and cultural monument that needed restoration for it to survive and attract tourists from worldwide”.
“Our commitment towards art, history and the city of Milan where the church is situated is a contribution we have firmly desired so that the world can admire a masterpiece in its splendid uniqueness”.

Moreover, Damiani has supported the recovery and restoration of the façade of Palazzo della Ragioneria in Milan’s Piazza Scala, the restoration of “The Virgin of the Rosary” by Bartolome Esteban Murillo in Florence’s Uffizi Art Gallery and the restoration of Sala delle Due Colonne in the Palazzo Ducale Museum, Mantua.

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