Pearl jewerly

Pearls by Damiani: perfect and unique

Damiani pearls, selected with the attention and care that have given worldwide fame to the brand, have unequalled value and beauty, and are carefully chosen in their original environments applying quality and excellence criteria to create pearl jewelry perfect in its uniqueness. Pearls, the subject of stories and legends and symbol of sensuality and harmony, have kept their charm intact over the centuries. They are deeply connected with the intimacy of a woman's personality and, today, still mark the most important moments in life.

Pearl jewelry continues to be a favorite and lasting gift of elegance and class, for women who prefer a classic timeless style, pearls add elegance and refined brilliance. Wearing Damiani pearls means bringing some of that precious magic generated and safeguarded by the sea with you. These organic precious gems, among the best creations of Damiani jewelry, can be worn at any time.

The creation of pearls

The creation of pearls is a rare event. A foreign substance enters the pearl-producing mollusk that, as a natural reaction for protection, covers the intruder with very thin layers of mother of pearl, until it becomes a precious part of itself - a pearl. Cultivated pearls are based on the same natural principle, the only difference being that the foreign body is introduced by expert hands that return the mollusc to its environment allowing nature to complete its miracle once again once the operation is over.

Today 99% of the market consists of cultivated pearls, very similar to natural pearls, following a cultivation technique created by Kokichi Mikimoto in the early 1900s. As a result of expert selection by jewelers, only a very small number of cultivated pearls are on sale - the most precious and qualitatively impeccable ones.

Variety and origin of Damiani pearls

Damiani pearls, differentiated by variety and origin, offer a vast and fascinating assortment able to satisfy every woman's taste, expertly matched by the goldsmith's expert hands in creating pearl jewelry with an indefinable brilliance.

Australian pearls, Japanese pearls and Tahitian pearls are the names commonly used to identify the three main varieties, pearls that Damiani carefully selects for its most precious jewels. Australian pearls, famous for their size, which can exceed 20 mm in diameter, grow along the Australian coasts, Indonesian archipelago and Myanmar. The shades of colour vary from vanilla to silver grey and rosy white.

Japanese pearls are best known and most sold worldwide in addition to being among the most beautiful, their luminosity being the result of natural iridescence. They are generally between 2 and 10 mm, and the colour range includes grey, pink, vanilla, gold and green. Tahitian pearls grow in the Polynesian archipelago and are famous for their beauty and colours ranging from light grey to intense black, with shades in tones of green, blue or brown. They are generally between 9 and 18 mm.

Pearl evaluation parameters

There are a variety of factors that determine the value of a pearl, and of pearl jewelry in general that is largely based on the perfect homogeneity of the gems with which they are made. To identify the value of pearl jewelry a combination of different factors determining the value must be observed - origin and source, size, colour and luminosity, shape and surface.

There are many "false pearls", entirely man made. Imitation pearls are easily identified - they have a flawless surface, the same shade of light for every pearl, and the coldness of an artificial mass-produced item. As a result, the operation supported by the Damiani family many years ago to expand the knowledge of pearls and the creation of reliable brands was a first step in market rationalization.

The sponsorship of a large company, as with Damiani pearls, can only ensure the authority and security when buying the highest quality pearl jewelry.


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