Pearls by Damiani: perfect and unique

Damiani pearls, selected with the attention and care that have given worldwide fame to the brand, have unequalled value and beauty, and are carefully chosen in their original environments applying quality and excellence criteria to create pearl jewelry perfect in its uniqueness. Pearls, the subject of stories and legends and symbol of sensuality and harmony, have kept their charm intact over the centuries. They are deeply connected with the intimacy of a woman’s personality and, today, still mark the most important moments in life.  

Pearl jewelry continues to be a favorite and lasting gift of elegance and class, for women who prefer a classic timeless style, pearls add elegance and refined brilliance.

Wearing Damiani pearls means bringing some of that precious magic generated and safeguarded by the sea with you. These organic precious gems, among the best creations of Damiani jewelry, can be worn at any time.