Il savoir faire

Every Damiani creation is the highest expression of Italian craftsmanship

Damiani jewelry is the result of highly creative work, exclusive focus on handmade jewelry design, the shapes, the quality of gems and the accuracy of craftsmanship, one of the highest expressions of Italian made craftsmanship. Creations featuring high level finishing and painstaking care of details, through the use of a control system that ensures that all Damiani jewelry is of the highest quality. Every Damiani jewelry creation comes from passionate research and development focused on handmade jewelry design, based on the work of a team of creative designers at the centre in Valenza, the goldsmith district renowned worldwide as the excellence centre of jewelry creation. Designing jewelry is the first step in a process of closely linked operations. All Damiani jewelry and watches encapsulate the previous history, technical and specialized gemology knowledge, creative and stylistic research that has evolved over time – a beautiful jewel is a single creative act from centuries of expertise. In the creation of handmade jewelry, handcraft experience has a fundamental role at every step in the process – from designing the jewel to building the model, shaping the precious metals, setting the gems and the finish.