Other special occasions

Damiani jewelry for life's important moments

Whether it's an anniversary, traditional celebration or one of the many special occasions that are not connected with traditional events, silver, platinum or gold jewelry has become the best way to highlight the importance and eternity of an occasion to celebrate. In addition to the classic wedding bands and the traditional engagement ring, for every important moment, Damiani jewelry for men and women represents the ultimate gift, rich with symbolic and eternal meaning.

Damiani jewelry for important traditional times

One of the significant moments that is marked by Damiani jewel is a wedding anniversary, an occasion when the ornament has an everlasting symbolic value. The full band, or a band with 3 or 5 stones is the traditional ring to celebrate anniversaries - easily adaptable in terms of style and design to rings received in the past, it is a classically eternal piece of women's jewelry.

Another emotionally rich event is certainly the birth of a child: the birthday jewel, as a gift for the mother, marking this unforgettable moment to be passed on from generation to generation, choosing, for example a piece of jewelry that complements a set or satisfies a secret wish.

Other events where it is a tradition to give fine jewelry as gifts , for example is, religious events, such as first communion and confirmation for Catholicism, with a jewel to be worn at a later age; the coming of age on the 18th birthday, the first real opportunity to give valuable gold jewelry to one's children: with pearls or diamonds for a girl and bracelet or cufflinks for a boy; graduation, an important step in life that marks the entrance to the adult world of work and independence can be celebrated with a gold pendant with diamonds for females and elegant cufflinks for males.

Damiani jewelry for special occasions

There are many more special occasions not tied to traditional occurrences where fine jewelry is an appropriate gift. Christmas, Valentine's day, birthdays, important moments for couples, professional successes: for all of these occasions any valuable object is an appropriate gift.

Platinum or gold jewelry, or gold and diamond jewelry, an elegant woman's ring, a traditional pearl or gemstones necklace, a classic bracelet, a luxury bracelet watch, elegant cufflinks for men, are just some examples of jewelry for men and women for the special events in people's lives.

Damiani jewelry as self-gratification

More and more women buy fine jewelry for themselves, as a reward for personal gratification and achievement. Self-gifts are proof of self-esteem and a testimony of personal success and goals reached. Buying fine jewelry for self-gratification should start with the must-haves of jewelry, from the classic pieces complementing female elegance, to everlasting jewelry creations that may become an important family asset. Which precious jewelry should be chosen for a self-gratifying gift? A sophisticated spotlight diamond pendant, diamond earrings, diamond solitaire, an evergreen pearl necklace, a classic tennis bracelet, a gold ring or a gemstone gold ring, an elegant luxury watch… But why not decide to give in to a dream and treat yourself to a jewel from one of Damiani's most representative collections? A traditional Gomitolo ring, a Damianissima pendant, a Belle Epoque cross, a Metropolitan Dream bangle bracelet…

In every important moment in life, Damiani fine jewelry is a unique gift of everlasting symbolic meaning. Damiani jewelry fulfills the dreams of those who wear it.

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