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Damiani wedding rings, a testimony of everlasting love

Since ancient times, human beings have used spherical objects to symbolize love, continuity of life and perfection. Long before wedding bands as we traditionally know them, ancient Romans used to wear rings made of a variety of metals to symbolize the eternity of endless love. The custom of wearing the wedding ring on the third - or "ring" - finger also comes from ancient Rome. In those days there was the belief that the "vena amoris" - or "love vein" - passed through this finger and went straight to the heart. Down the centuries, wedding rings have attributed different meanings and purposes, often being a testimony to wealth and means, much like the dowry, rather than a celebration of love and a life in common. Today, on the contrary, choosing the wedding bands is a key moment in the organization of this important event. Together, the bride and groom choose the precious jewel to be worn for their entire life, symbolizing their decision, loyalty to each other, the love that binds them, and the direction they have chosen to take together. Traditionally, yellow gold has been largely preferred by jewelers for wedding bands but in recent years different colours and materials have been adopted, to create unique wedding jewelry: yellow gold wedding bands are the most traditional; platinum wedding bands are more exclusive but still traditional; pink gold wedding bands are sophisticated and slightly retro'; white gold wedding bands show originality; gold and diamond wedding rings express class and romance.

Damiani wedding rings: a precious choice for an unforgettable occasion

Damiani wedding bands are a great classic of the jeweler's portfolio, enriched today by a touch of originality to the timeless wedding ring tradition. With its collection of bands, Damiani has redesigned and modernized the classic wedding band concept, giving life to new and unforgettable rings, symbols of everlasting love vows. Damiani wedding bands are mutual, very symbolic gifts between the bride and groom available in white, pink, yellow gold or platinum. Featuring the original "comfort fit" design, all wedding bands are very wearable while unique and exclusive. Damiani diamond wedding rings are the "forever jewelry collection" by definition, also for the small diamond that is enclosed within to highlight the uniqueness and eternity of such an important moment as the wedding day. A precious secret, intimate and private like the deep love binding the couple, a diamond that can also be set externally on some rings. Damiani wedding bands can be customized even further by engraving the jeweler's logo outside too. Damiani wedding rings: a longstanding symbol of class and exclusive luxury, they are a timeless classic, a unique occasion for the pleasure of wearing them for life. Damiani wedding bands: the most important choice of your life.

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