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Italian goldsmith's excellence across the world

Damiani S.p.A., parent company of the Damiani Group, historically is a leading company in the Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewelry and high level luxury watches. Founded in 1924, the Damiani brand excelled in Italian and International markets, becoming an ambassador of Italian style and a synonym of excellence and the best Italian jewelry tradition. Creativity, design and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have driven the Damiani family for nearly a century, together with a deep passion for an art that has passed on from father to son and also been transmitted to the third generation, now the head of the company. Strengthened by an almost centennial tradition, the Damiani Group has always been renowned for the quality of products and materials adopted and the exclusive design of its collections. The innovative marketing and communications strategy and the proven experience of the management team are two additional key elements that contribute to Damiani's leadership position in the jewelry market sector. The success of the Gruppo Damiani is the result of a perfect combination of creativity, research and innovation, merged with a profound knowledge of the goldsmith's tradition at an international level.

Today the Damiani Group can proudly claim ownership of a prestigious portfolio of perfectly complementary brands: Damiani, Salvini, Alfieri & St. John, Bliss, Calderoni and Rocca, the jewelry and high level watches chain. Currently the Group is in Italy and major markets worldwide with fully owned subsidiaries, managing 32 direct and 50 franchised points of sale, in the most exclusive streets of the world's major cities.

The history: one passion, three generations

Valenza, homeland of the best Italian jewelry tradition: this is where the story of a leading brand of top end Italian made jewelry begins. It was 1924 when Enrico Grassi, founder of the family of jewelers, began designing and creating jewels with diamonds; small masterpieces destined for the noble families of the time, for which he soon became the trusted jeweler. For all the following years, Damiani was acclaimed in the Italian jewelry sector as the highest expression of classicism, balance, and preciousness.

Damiano, Enrico's son, continued the family tradition, driven by great creativity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit: he created jewels with an unmistakable style that has remained unaltered over time, made significant investments in research and for the creation of new solutions. Through a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, Damiani products acquired increasing fame in Italy and across the world.

Starting in the 1980s, the company innovated its communication style introducing, pioneers in the jewelry sector, highly prestigious testimonials, photographed by the world's greatest photographers.

Faithful to its heritage, the third generation also followed in the family steps with passion, creativity and commitment, expanding the development process that has enabled the shift from family business to organized corporation to accelerate, also through the opening over the years of international subsidiaries and boutiques in the world's most famous and prestigious locations.

In 2007 the Group went public and was listed in the Italian stock exchange; today the Damiani brand is leader of the Italian jewelry market sector and is acknowledged worldwide as a synonym of top-end Italian style tradition.

Celebrities like Isabella Rossellini, Brad Pitt, Nastassja Kinski, Chiara Mastroianni, Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone have collaborated with Damiani, which can claim princesses and prime ministers among its clients.

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Enrico Grassi Damiani, Damiano Grassi Damiani
The Damiani family
Among the Damiani's testimonials: Jennifer Aniston, Isabella Rossellini, Gwyneth Paltrow


Passion, experience and excellence at the service of top-end jewelry


The maximum expression of Italian style: the district of Valenza, the heart of Italian jewelry tradition, continues to have very strong bonds with the company. Master goldsmiths and artisans, holders of invaluable expertise, enhance the quality of every single piece, transmitting emotion, history and passion since 1924.

Quality and Savoir Faire

Strong point and distinction, built on the quality of gems, the perfection and precision of the craftsmanship recognizable across the globe. Handcrafting, painstaking care of details, creation and study of the design, first-rate materials: resulting in great masterpieces of the goldsmith's art.


Design of the highest level, taste and masterly techniques create unmistakably unique jewelry, examples of aesthetic perfection, beauty and harmony. Some are true masterpieces of master goldsmith expertise at the highest level: the Damiani Masterpieces have attained numerous awards and acknowledgements over the years, in particular, the Diamonds International Awards, the World Jewelry Oscars, rewarding the best design and best diamond jewelry creations. Damiani is the only International brand to have won 18, an unequalled record.

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All Damiani suppliers are part of a very restricted circle of selected organizations respecting UN regulations on the certification and origin of diamonds. Compliance with the Kimberly Process involves the highest degree of attention to legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts, responding to conditions that respect and promote ethics for labour and the market but people first and foremost, fundamental values for Damiani.


Damiani maintains its family business DNA, headed today by the third generation: Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Grassi Damiani, the founder's grandchildren. A company that is 100% Italian and has maintained its independence and philosophy focusing on "Italianism" and the goldsmith's tradition.


A successful combination between the excellent craftsmanship that is part of the Damiani tradition, and innovation: Company roots deeply grounded in the Valenza jewelry district combined with the pioneering spirit of forward-looking people.


Exclusive, even unique jewels: with the collections, Damiani creates Limited Edition and unique masterpieces, occasionally also created or customized on customer request.


Every Damiani jewel is a treasure, to be passed on from generation to generation: an unbreakable link between past and future, a wealth of emotions and much more bringing forth the company's values, unchanged over three generations. Damiani: authenticity is stronger than time.


Damiani jewelry features the excellent quality acknowledged worldwide and distinguishable for the sublime shapes, the quality of gems, the excellence of craftsmanship and the timeless elegance that it bestows on those wearing these pieces. Each jewel comes to life through the commendable craftsmanship ability and the endless passion of master goldsmiths, enclosing within all the artistic value of the best Italian jewelry tradition.

Over the years the Damiani Group received many prestigious Italian and International acknowledgements and is still the unmatched record holder of 18 Diamonds International Awards. The first Diamonds International Award attributed to a Damiani creation was in 1976, the year in which the award was assigned for the design of the jewel "Bocca di Squalo - Shark Mouth": a bracelet of inestimable value in platinum and yellow gold entirely brightened by a pavè of white and jonquille diamonds, designed by Gabriella Damiani.

From 1976, 18 Damiani creations have been awarded for the very high quality and refined craftsmanship and incomparable finish: collier, bracelets, rings and earrings by Damiani with a unique design, stemmed from the passion and high-end jewelry tradition of which Damiani represents one of the highest expressions.

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Damiani for Japan
Clean Water
Damiani and Vola nel cuore

Social commitment

Simple and down to earth gestures, in line with family values

Respect, for work, the market and people: social commitment has always been a fundamental element of the Damiani reality. Simple, concrete gestures, in line with the spirit and values shared by the Damiani family and company.

Damiani for Japan

A project giving support to women involved in the earthquake and tsunami - a selection of Damiani collections and must-haves named "Damiani for Japan", were put on sale at a special price in Italian and International boutiques for a limited period (1-31 August 2011). All profits raised in the jewelry sale, with special packaging in the colours of the Japanese flag - white and red – have been donated to the Japanese association JOICFP (Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning) and for support for the female population, consistent with the particular sensitivity and commitment expressed by Damiani in favour of women.

Clean Water

A humanitarian project developed in collaboration with Sharon Stone that aims to provide access to clean water to defeat mortal disease. Giorgio Damiani and Sharon Stone, a trip to Uganda and South Africa for direct contact with the reality of populations living the dramatic difficulties of having clean water on a daily basis. An obvious and natural choice, as Africa is among the regions with the greatest concentration of diamonds. The idea of a jewelry collection starts - The Maji Collection; part of the proceeds from the sale of these jewels is distributed to humanitarian associations in charge of building wells for extracting clean water in African villages. The first version of this unisex collection, "The Maji Collection" (in Swahili Maji means water), was designed as a token of love and focuses on women as promoters: jewelry with rough diamonds, burnished gold and silver, co-designed by Sharon Stone and Damiani. The second creation in which sanded yellow gold is combined with rough diamonds has an unusually unique and almost primordial appeal, recalling the warm colours of Africa. The Clean Water project celebrated its first important results when, in November 2010 the not for profit association "Drop in the Bucket" received a first cheque and a personal donation from the Damiani family, currently guaranteeing the building of 50 new wells in Africa to ensure clean water to over 10,000 people. Sharon Stone and Damiani: together with the heart, together for love.

Damiani and Vola nel Cuore support Emilia

Damiani promoted in all boutiques throughout Italy a fund-raising activity in support of the victims of the Emilia earthquake, to collect funds for the non-profit organization “Vola nel Cuore” a social-humanitarian association for children. Vola nel Cuore, activated since 21 May 2012 following the earthquake in Emilia, has staff and materials in various refugee camps. Its volunteers and clowns make the children smile and entertain them, helping them to forget, if only for a moment, the drama of the earthquake. When Pope Benedict XVI visited the areas affected by the earthquake, he met some of the volunteers from Associazione Vola nel Cuore and thanked them for their work.

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