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Damiani and Sharon Stone support Africa

With her steadfast attention to social matters, Sharon Stone, one of the most committed and sensitive stars to the hardships of people in need, chose Damiani as her partner for the implementation of an international project.

The target of this initiative is the Third World, and in particular Africa, a land rich in precious gemstones such as diamonds, but so poor in a life enabling element: WATER.

A combination of forces and creativity led to the creation of a new concept jewel reflecting the elements of this magical land: raw diamonds, burnished gold and silver, the Maji collection (Maji in Swahili means “water”).

Damiani is committed to giving part of the profits to “a Drop in the Bucket,” a non profit organization that builds clean water wells, contributing to reducing the enormously high mortality rate, especially in young children.

A noble ideal that Damiani and Sharon Stone are sponsoring with great sensitivity and hope, an important commitment that has already achieved the creation of the first wells.

“Each gemstone is beautiful like every person is beautiful. Diversity is what makes every human being magnificent, fascinating and UNIQUE, like every diamond is magnificent and fascinating with its diversities”. (Sharon Stone)

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