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Damiani creates a gold sculpture for Prince Albert of Monaco


Damiani has been chosen by Barry X Ball, the internationally renowned Californian artist, to create a work in 18-k gold depicting the head of His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The style of Barry X Ball is based on technological craftsmanship blended with an outstanding inclination and passion for the artists of the Italian Renaissance. Such traits were ideal for a partnership with Damiani and for the creation of a sculpture in pure 18-k gold.

Damiani’s best goldsmiths and designers, following a long stretch of collaboration with the sculptor lasting nearly a year, completed the enormously complex job.

Intricate shapes, a thorough attention to detail, a masterly interpretation of the work in its minutest forms and symbols interspersed throughout the surface and in every nook and corner, have generated a masterpiece of an unparalleled technical virtuosity.

The same dedication that craftsmen put in conjuring up marvellous jewellery admired the world over was used in creating an opera where about 13 kilograms of gold were moulded over one thousand hours of work.

The work was delivered directly to Prince Albert by Barry X Ball, Guido Damiani, President of the Damiani Group and Christian Rizzetto, the company’s master jeweller who led and actively worked on the project. The presentation ceremony was held on 19th November 2015, Monaco’s National Day. The sculpture has its permanent residence in the Palace’s Galerie des Glaces.

Damiani, in over ninety years of history, has been appointed goldsmiths to the Royal House of Italy and has often been chosen by Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and Heads of State. This occasion has been one more global recognition of Damiani’s goldsmith mastery, admired by the world over for its style, design and the fully Italian art of craftsmanship that endows its creations.

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