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Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata together in support of Drop in the Bucket


Always in the frontline of solidarity, Maison Damiani will today be the main attraction in Rome during a charity event where Giorgio Damiani, in the presence of Hidetoshi Nakata, will donate an additional € 50.000 to John Travis, co-founder and President of Drop in the Bucket, the international organization whose goal is the construction of clean water wells in the African regions where water paucity and quality are the causes of illnesses and mortality, mostly amongst infants.

The “Clean Water” project, undertaken by the Damiani Group nearly a decade ago, has found a valid and passionate supporter in Hidetoshi Nakata, for several years now.

Giorgio Damiani, in association with the football star, has set up a charity through the creation of a collection where a part of the sales proceeds is allocated in the form of a donation, initially as relief for the earthquake victims in Japan and then as assistance for the initiatives by Drop in the Bucket:
Both Giorgio Damiani and Nakata could see with their own eyes the state of work so far, during a trip to the villages of Uganda where Drop in the Bucket has recently built some wells subsidised by Damiani; they even inaugurated one in person.

The relationship between Giorgio Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata runs deep. Their mutual esteem and a shared vision have spawned the “Metropolitan Dream by H. Nakata”: sporty and elegant, designed for the urban man, inspired by its parent line Metropolitan Dream, this line of precious jewels with an unmistakable texture, is a fruit of Damiani’s expert craftsmanship and goldsmithery, a must of the Maison that gets richer and richer year after year.

To underline its firm commitment alongside Hidetoshi Nakata, during the Rome event, Giorgio Damiani will sign a handsome cheque derived from the proceeds of the collection.

An important donation that will help add at least ten new wells, scattered over the African villages, to the sixty wells already built, in places where a precious commodity like water is often inaccessible and limited to infected springs or inedible sources, the cause of illnesses and death, mostly amongst infants. Such work is therefore indispensable to enable the local populace to lead a healthy life and generate the social development of tens of thousands of people. Actually, every water well supplies fresh and edible water to over a thousand people every day.

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