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  • Preview_giorgio_damiani_e_hidetoshi_nakata_cover

    Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata together for an important humanitarian project

    Together, Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata are supporting an important humanitarian project, creating a new collection that will enable funds to be raised for the charity ‘Home for All’. It will be a way to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry thinking of others and doing good.

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  • Preview_cover

    The 71st Open d’Italia by Damiani, the main golf tournament in Italy, ends

    Sunday, the 71st Open d’Italia by Damiani, at the Turin Golf Club, ended. The tournament was held on the difficult course of Golf Club La Mandria from Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 August.

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  • Preview_img_anteprima

    Damiani 90 years of Excellence and Passion

    Damiani's exhibition "90 Years of Excellence and Passion" will open to the public on 19 June 2014. It will be held in Florence until 7 September...

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  • Preview_350_230_rossellini_cover

    History communication

    Between the late ’80s and the ’90s, Damiani designed and launched a successful new style of communication, associating its jewellery with A-list celebrities.

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  • Preview_blue-moon_350_230_cover


    Damiani holds an unbeaten record: it is the only company in the world to have won 18 Diamond International Awards, the jewellery’s international Oscar which is the leading global award for the sector.

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  • Preview_giorgio_damiani._brad_pitt_and_guido_damiani_-_cover

    VIPs and celebrities

    In recent years many Italian and international personalities have chosen to wear Damiani jewellery both on public and private occasions.

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  • Preview_350x230_cover_app

    Introducing a real jewel of an app

    Damiani has launched its first official app for tablets and smartphones...

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  • Preview_350x230_bazaar_1

    Damiani wins the Best Annual Fine Jewelry Award 2013 prize

    Another international award for Damiani which has been chosen by Bazaar Jewelry China for...

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  • Preview_350x230_buotique_damiani

    Damiani opens a new shop at Fiumicino airport

    Damiani has announced the opening of a new shop at Leonardo da Vinci airport, Fiumicino, Rome.

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  • Preview_cocktail_boutique_damiani_roma_20_novembre_-_cover

    90 years of passion and excellence

    Enormous success for the start of the 90th anniversary celebrations and the re-opening of the Rome boutique

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  • Preview_dam_condotti_interno_-_cover

    Damiani reopens in Rome

    Damiani has announced the reopening of its boutique in Via Condotti...

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  • Preview_damiani_shanghai_xin_tian_ext_-cover

    DAMIANI opens its second boutique at Xin Tian Di, Shanghai

    Damiani has announced the opening of its second boutique at Xin Tian Di...

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  • Preview_350x230_cover

    Guido Damiani Wins the America 2013 Prize

    The Fondazione Italia USA has awarded the 'America 2013' prize to Guido Damiani.

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  • Preview_damiani_boutique_kuala_lumpur_-_cover

    Damiani opens a new boutique in Kuala Lumpur, the first in Malaysia

    Damiani has announced the opening of its new boutique in Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Preview_damiani_pechino_cover

    DAMIANI opens its first boutique in Beijing

    Damiani, the leader in Italy in the production of fine jewelry, announces the opening of its first boutique in Beijing at Beijing Charter, the new luxury shopping mall located in the west of the city.

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  • Preview_cover__2_

    Damiani shines at Cannes Film Festival 2013

    Sparkling diamonds and celebrities for Damiani on the red carpet at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

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  • Preview_taglio_nastro_-_cover

    Damiani And Sophia Loren: Fascinating Italian Charm Wins Over China

    The tour that took Sophia Loren and Damiani to China was highly appreciated. From 14 to 20 April 2013 it included four important laps, namely Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, to meet local celebrities and VIPs, the press and Damiani Boutique clients who hosted the prestigious events.

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  • Preview_campagna-adv-damiani---d.lace---copertina

    Damiani wins the Andrea Palladio Jewellery Award for the best communication campaign 2012/2013

    The award ceremony was held at the Bisazza foundation, Vicenza, on Saturday 18 May, where Giorgio Damiani, Vice President of the Damiani group, collected the award personally.

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  • Preview_damiani_moscow_boutique_-_thumb

    Moscow, great success for the opening of the new boutique and the cocktail

    Guido Damiani, President and CEO of the Damiani Group, has officially and successfully inaugurated the 65th Damiani boutique in the world, in Moscow on Stoleshnikov Allée.

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  • Preview_350_230_img_news

    Damiani and Vola nel Cuore support Emilia

    Damiani has given a cheque for € 25,000 to Associazione Vola nel Cuore, Mirabello (Ferrara), delivered personally by Giorgio Damiani.

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  • Preview_damiani_boutique_suzhou_copertina

    DAMIANI opens in Suzhou, Eastern China

    Damiani, leader in manufacturing and marketing high-end jewelry in Italy, announces the opening of a new boutique in Suzhou in Eastern China.

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  • Preview_img_hp_news

    Cruciani and Damiani for Valentine’s Day

    Cruciani and Damiani, two leading Italian quality brands, have brought their craft traditions together to create a limited-edition jewelry collection for Valentine’s Day - an original gift which sets the seal of love.

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  • Preview_damiani__scotts_square_singapore

    Damiani opens flagship store in Singapore

    Damiani, leader in Italy in the manufacture and distribution of high-end jewellery, announces the opening of a flagship store in Singapore in December 2012.

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  • Preview_frame_spot_tv

    The Damiani D.Icon ad

    The Damiani D.Icon jewelry collection, the protagonists and faithful companions in a woman’s life, a day recounted by simple gestures full of femininity, an intimate and welcoming location: these are the key elements of the new Damiani D. Icon ad.

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  • Preview_350_230_japan

    Damiani opens two new shops in Japan

    Damiani announces the opening of two new shops in Tokyo and Yokohama, in the Tobu and Takashimaya department stores that carry all the luxury brands.

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  • Preview_350x230

    Damiani for Emilia

    Damiani is promoting a fund-raising activity in support of the victims of the Emilia earthquake, to collect funds for the non-profit organization “Vola nel Cuore” a social-humanitarian association for children.

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  • Preview_ss_evento_x_sito

    Sharon Stone at Damiani boutique reopening in Milan

    On 16th February 2012, Sharon Stone was Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Damiani's guest of honor for the Milan Montenapoleone boutique reopening.

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  • Preview_dicon_home

    Damiani D.Icon: Damiani's jewelry collection with new materials

    New materials meet the Italian jewelry tradition of Valenza, ceramic enters in a sober and elegant way in the Damiani world. The Damiani D.Icon jewelry collection represents the last evolution of a long goldsmith tradition.

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  • Preview_burlesque

    Damiani wins Robb Report Best of the Best 2012 award

    Damiani is one of the few brands to win the "Robb Report Best of the Best 2012" award thanks to the Burlesque Bracelet, a beautiful masterpiece in white gold, with white and black diamonds and rubies.

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  • Preview_box_news_hp_350_230_end_logo_dd.icon

    2012 Damiani campaign

    The photographer Greg Williams shot the new Damiani ad campaign at Eltham Palace, an aristocratic mansion outside London.
    Intimate interiors and an enchanting, cinema-like atmosphere form the backdrop for Damiani jewellery, the shining star of the campaign and faithful companion for women who are never less than elegant.

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  • Preview_ndel1_news_sito

    Damiani opens the first flagship store in New Delhi, India

    Damiani announces its entry into the Indian market with the opening of its first boutique in New Delhi, at the Oberoi.                            

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  • Preview_japan

    Damiani for Japan

    31 August marked the end of the important charity initiative in favour of the Japanese population who suffered the terrible disaster 11 March 2011.

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  • Preview_cannes

    Damiani in Cannes

    At the latest Cannes Film Festival, the cocktail party organized by Damiani and IDG China Media for the Chinese-American film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” sparkled with diamonds and celebrities.

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  • Preview_preview_solitari

    Create your own engagement ring. Heart-made. By you.

    Damiani can make a dream come true: create your own engagement ring. All you have to do is choose the diamond and select your favourite setting and Damiani's world-class artisans will create a unique and tailored solitaire ring for you.

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  • Preview_backstage_foto_3

    The new Damiani press campaign: backstage

    Glamour, emotion, elegance, warm, enveloping light, a play of shadows and unique jewelry: the new press campaign narrated by the voices of protagonists, in a video that reveals the start of a dream.

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  • Damiani is the first foreign jeweller to get the "Fipb" approval to invest in retail in India

    Damiani has got the Indian Governement’s approval, for FIPB to acquire 51% of Damiani India Pvt Ltd, the company managing the DAMIANI store, opened a few months ago in New Delhi at the Oberoi Hotel. Damiani will then agree to establish a joint venture with Indian partners.
    “We are very proud to be the first foreign investor to get the government approval to invest in the jewellery monobrand retail in India" - said Guido Damiani President & CEO of Damiani Group - “We expect a lot from the Indian market that offers great growth possibilities for an Italian high-end jewelry brand like Damiani. After the first Damiani store in Dehli, we are looking for the right location in Mumbai. We are also evaluating to enter on the local market with our brand Salvini and Rocca, our high-end watch and jewelry retail chain. Indian people have a huge tradition in jewelry and they are looking for exclusivity and design. I am confident that they will appreciate our collections”.

  • Preview_newssharon

    Damiani and Sharon Sone: strong commitment for a great social project

    With her steadfast attention to social matters, Sharon Stone, one of the most committed and sensitive stars to the hardships of people in need, chose Damiani as her partner for the implementation of an international project.

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  • Preview_350x230_baci

    "Baci" starring in a new Damiani video

    The Baci collection, symbol of unity and indissolubility, is starring in a new video that enhances a sophisticated design and a precious embrace of white and pink gold, inspired by the eternal embrace symbol, which remembers a capital X.

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  • Preview_icon_350x230

    The new 2012 Damiani still life campaign

    The concept, created by Paul Barry under the Sandoz Ketterer’s supervision, starts with the idea of a “polaroid” lightly inclined like it has just been placed on the background. On the “polaroid”, the jewels are enhanced by a light and shade suggestive reflection and a soft dynamic movement.

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  • Preview_350_230_preview_cina_1_

    Expansion spoken in Chinese

    Following the opening of two stores in Macao, one in Hong Kong and another in Ningbo, Damiani has now opened in Chengdu, one of the major cities in the central part of China. The new store is in the prestigious Maison Mode department store that carries all major European luxury brands for Chinese customers.

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  • Preview_gomitolo_anello_bianco_sito

    Damiani at the "Tradizione e innovazione" exhibition in Shanghai

    On 28 April 2012 in Shanghai, Damiani will open " Tradizione e innovazione", the first of the three exhibitions organized by the Milano Triennale and the Shanghai Expo Group, which will run until January 31, 2013. The exhibition will last three years altogether to present Italian art, crafts, fashion, design and technology. Damiani will participate to the exhibition with two iconic collections of the brand: Gomitolo, the Damiani collection that sealed the triumph of the pavé manufacture, and Notte di San Lorenzo, known all over the world for its elegance.

  • Preview_-

    Luxury watches

    Damiani luxury watches are watches for women that merge accurate craftsmanship and the latest trends of high-end female horology. They are in fact representations of a perfect balance between design and elegance, made even more precious by the yet unseen technical and aesthetic details that place them in the category of horology masterpieces.

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  • Preview_350_230_preview_damiani_trilogy_1_

    Damiani TV spot

    Damiani makes the Minou collection ambassador of real values, inner and most precious feelings through a TV commercial, speaking about family and of a Damiani jewel as a timeless symbol that extends these feelings and emotions generation by generation.

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  • Preview_preview_damiani_opens_in_mexico

    New boutique in Mexico City

    Damiani just opened a boutique in the new department store Palacio de Hierro Interlomas, in one of the most prestigious residential area of Mexico City.

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  • Preview_adfdfsfd

    Damiani partecipates in the "Nastro Rosa" campaign

    In October, the LILT (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori – Italian association against cancer) resumed its breast cancer prevention work with the Pink Ribbon Campaign, now at its 18th edition in Italy.

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  • Preview_350x230_web

    Damianissima.925: the jewelry collection in silver and diamond by Damiani

    It is the first jewelry collection in silver and diamond by Damiani, that includes fashionable and easy to wear pieces, with a strong visual impact and innovative design. Created in two editions to respond to the requirements of different personalities.

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  • Preview_be_per_web

    Belle Epoque Ceramic: a luxury watch and jewelry collection inspired to the mythical parisian age

    As its name suggests, Damiani’s latest creation is a tribute to the Belle Epoque, those early years of the XX Century, when “joie de vivre”, change, good taste and exclusiveness were the leitmotifs of a new generation.

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  • Preview_lattea

    Via Lattea: the jewelry collection that sparkes like a star filled sky

    It is as extraordinarily beautiful as a star spangled galaxy, an explosion of light and reflections that make this jewelry collection unique. The uniqueness that is a result of great craftsmanship with its double layers of gold and gemstones that are a distinguishing feature of this collection…

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  • Preview_350_230_preview_montez_1_

    Damiani and Ludovica Andreoni Montezemolo together for a timeless collection

    Continuously successful, Moondrops is the collection from the perfect combination of the refined creativity of Ludovica Andreoni and the perfection of Damiani master goldsmith's craftsmanship.

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    Damiani's new Facebook page is online! Now in English, to communicate with fans from all over the world, the company's Facebook profile will increasingly be the place of interaction with consumers. Every week the new fan page will feature new topics providing insights on the Damiani brand and jewelry, curios, information from the jewelry world and international initiatives, as well as innovative applications and enjoyable interaction opportunities.
    Go to to stay in touch with Damiani and be up to date on news and events!

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