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Damiani, UN, and Microsoft support Nuvola Rosa


The initiative was set up to help girls undertake technical-scientific paths, guaranteeing faster access to the world of work and gender equality in industry, the economy, politics and active social life.

After two successful editions in Florence and Rome, the project has been brought to Milan and will be developed throughout the entire period of EXPO. On 19-21 May, 1500 girls will have the chance to find out more about the value of technical-scientific education and the opportunities offered by digital.

Damiani has always supported great causes with a female theme and shares the values and purposes of the project, it also wants to strengthen and develop further links with the world of women.

Silvia Damiani, Deputy Chairwoman of the group which is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, took part in the opening event in the Teatro Carcano on 19 May, where talks from international guests alternated with stories from young women who have faced extraordinary challenges, the experiences of scientists, journalists and managers. Silvia Damiani spoke to the students of her personal experience, of the advantage of inheriting a company for her professional career and also the great responsibility and skill she has to constantly display to continue to ensure that the company is successful.

In the afternoon, the Vice President of the Damiani group visited Expo with the United Nations delegates who arrived in Italy specifically to support the project.

During the evening, Silvia Damiani took part, talking to the public, in the gala dinner sponsored by Lombardy Region at the Pirelli skyscraper with the Microsoft management, representatives of Lombardy Region, international guests, sponsors, and a delegation of international girls.
Some girls taking part in the Nuvola Rosa became ambassadors of elegance and, during the evening, wore Damiani jewels, showcasing internationally renowned Italian excellence.

In September, Damiani will organise a ‘Gemme del futuro’ (Gems of the future) event for a delegation of female university students who will be invited to visit the workshop in Valenza, the place where ancient art and modern knowledge meet.

Damiani has a long tradition of supporting great causes, with special reference to women’s issues, drinking water and health care around the world. Here are just some of the initiatives that Damiani has taken part in:

– Damiani has just received the ‘Mela Rosa’ (Pink Apple) certificate from the Fondazione Bellisario for the implementation of Law 120/2011 on gender quotas valorising female talent in senior company management;

– Damiani recently supported the 63rd World Congress of Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM), the World Congress of Businesswomen, which took place in Bahrain on 23-26 March 2015. The theme of the conference was ‘Our Bridges to the World’ and Silvia Damiani was nominated businesswoman of the year by more than 500 leading businesswomen from all over the world;

– Damiani recently promoted important charity work alongside ActionAid with the aim of raising funds for the women and children of Nepal affected by the earthquake in April;

– Damiani was awarded a prize for its valorisation of female workers in the sphere of the ‘Companies investing in women’ project. The initiative, started with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Employment and Social Policies, analysed the data on staff in companies with more than 100 employees. As a result, a group of ‘virtuous’ companies which had adopted management formulae built on human resources including a significant number of women in the staff and senior management was set up. Damiani received an award “for the ability to understand how to value women through real solutions and transferrable best practices”;

– Damiani promoted an important charity project for the Japanese victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami, with the aim of raising funds in support of the women in the areas affected by the disaster. Damiani boutiques offered a selection of the Damiani collections, named ‘DAMIANI FOR JAPAN’. All the revenues from the sale of the Damiani collections was given to the association Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) and was intended for work performed for the women struck by the disaster. The work of the JOICFP supported by the Damiani donation included healthcare, the supply of essential products for mothers and their children, financial help and the guarantee of post-natal support;

– Damiani supports the ‘Clean Water Project’, the humanitarian project carried out in co-operation with the film star Sharon Stone which works to construct wells for drinking water in Africa. Damiani has continued to build wells for years to bring water to the African population allowing hiv-infected mothers to breastfeed their children with powder milk saving them from illness.

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