Creativity, craftsmanship, originality and quality are the precious values that permeate Damiani jewelry. The Maison’s design creations are true masterpieces of goldsmith art and express the passion for jewelry that the Damiani family has handed down for three generations. The Maison’s jewels are entirely handmade by the expert master goldsmiths of Valenza, combining the allure and culture of Italian jewelry with the Damiani style: an elegant and sophisticated style, modern and always up-to-date, recognized all over the world. From a simple gold ring to an elegant solitaire with a diamond, from jewelry with precious stones to a timeless watch, the Damiani world has always offered unique and unforgettable emotions.

The art of jewelry

“Beauty also dependes on balance, proportions and imperceptible details that make all the difference in jewelry, which works in small dimensions.”
Giorgio Damiani

From the first phase to the executive one, the artisans carry out their work full of discoveries and jealously guarded secrets that each master has acquired through experience and which give rise to unique creations, just as unique as the skillful craftsmanship and refined design of Damiani jewelry: entirely Italian products that have made the Group a global ambassador of Made in Italy.
All Damiani jewelry arises from the deep and passionate work of expert goldsmith artisans, masters in enhancing the light and color of precious stones and diamonds, the purity of their lines and the uniqueness of the gems, transforming them into eternal objects capable of conveying the emotion, history and passion that animate the creation of every single piece. Beauty and harmony are the stylistic imprint of Damiani jewelry, where the objective of every single detail is aesthetic perfection.


The quality of raw materials

“Being an artist is not enough. You have to be a jeweler.”
Giorgio Damiani

The foundation of each Damiani creation is the ability to choose stones: it is based on a widely established network of reliable suppliers created over time thanks to the brand’s prestige and a team of designers recruited from the best international jewelry design schools. More than artists, the creatives of Damiani are designers and lovers of creation engaged in technical challenges. Unlike other arts, jeweler requires precious raw materials. The desire to dare, to face projects at the very limit of feasibility, is a continuous challenge that makes us grow in creativity, technical ability, aesthetics and executive quality. The Damiani children still maintain the exceptionally high quality of their jewellery’s design and manual workmanship, and continue to buy diamonds, precious stones and pearls from the children of their father’s suppliers.


Custodians of the Maison’s history and its refined style, every Damiani jewel encapsulates the creative skills of the designers and the craftsmanship of the master goldsmiths, some of whom have worked in the company

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