Damiani 100 Years Anniversary StampDamiani 100 Years Anniversary Stamp

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100 Years of History

Damiani’s story is that of an Italian family, one that preserves a precious know-how which is intrinsically linked to tradition: that of creating jewels that are true works of art.

Damiani 100 years of historyDamiani 100 years of history

Unique, handcrafted jewels that are true works of art, entirely handmade by the master goldsmiths of Valenza. It is precisely here that the Maison was born a century ago, in Italy’s most renowned goldsmith district. The helm of the Company since then has passed down through three generations.


This evocative journey began with founder Enrico Damiani, whose skills as a master goldsmith soon made him a point of reference in the world of traditional jewelry and among distinguished noble families. 


Enrico was succeeded by his son Damiano, whose creative and pioneering mind paved the way for profound changes that influenced the design of the jewels, opening up to new trends and making them ever more refined, thus conquering an increasingly international audience. 


The helm passed from Enrico to Damiano, and then on to Damiano’s three children – Guido, Silvia and Giorgio – who have chosen to continue pursuing the Maison’s evolutionary path, interpreting Damiani's history of excellence with an inherently innovative spirit. 

Today, Damiani stands out in the jewelry world for its unique position as the only international name that is still present in Valenza, in the territory of its origin; a company born as a designer and producer of precious creations, that has become one of the biggest names in international luxury with its alluring designs and refined craftsmanship.

La famiglia DamianiLa famiglia Damiani


Passion has marked the history of Damiani ever since its foundation, becoming the leitmotif of three generations of jewelry creators, committed to transforming every jewel into a work of art through the search for the best materials, the best craftsmen and the best creative designers. 


The yearning for innovation, understood as evolution and not revolution, as the permanence of values and not the denial of one’s history, unites every Damiani generation, for whom Italian craftsmanship is a heritage to be preserved and handed down.



Italian creativity is at the origin of every jewel forged by Damiani, a company whose quest for beauty and innovation is passionate and unwavering. Rooted in beauty, quality, value, passion and vision, the Maison’s jewels are a tribute to Italian creativity.


For a century, Valenza has been the place of choice for the design and production of Damiani jewels. The Maison's deep-seated roots in Valenza protect and enhance the local artisanal heritage, while also promoting it internationally.

100 Years of Passion100 Years of Passion

100 Years of Passion

Cento opere uniche per cento anniCento opere uniche per cento anni

A hundred unique creations for a hundred years

100 x 100 Italiani100 x 100 Italiani

Exhibition 100 x 100 Italiani

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