Damiani 100 Years Anniversary StampDamiani 100 Years Anniversary Stamp

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Belle Époque Frame

Belle Époque Frame is an explosion of light and colour, a precious tribute to the world of cinema… an instant frozen in time, like a memorable film frame. 

A work of jewelry art that goes beyond mere aesthetics, enchanting the viewer and capturing the emotions of the greatest masterpieces of film.


Wearing Belle Époque Frame means being an integral part of the magic of cinema, immersing the viewer in its enveloping beauty, conveyed by the varied range of colours that enhance its movement.

Belle Époque FrameBelle Époque Frame


The motif of the film reel is taken up in a sublimely precious and dynamic alternation of diamonds and fancy diamonds. Light reigns supreme in this extraordinary bracelet and is here enhanced by a pavé of diamonds embellishing the seventeen square frames that make up the jewel. 

Belle Époque FrameBelle Époque Frame
Belle Époque FrameBelle Époque Frame

The creative process

At the centre of each frame, the signature element of the collection, stands a fancy diamond in various cuts – brilliant, cushion, oval and heart – and in various hues that range from yellow to orange and brown, arranged in harmonious combinations for a truly alluring visual effect.

The Belle Époque Universe

Discover the unique creations of the Belle Époque collection crafted for the Damiani Centenary.

Le altre creazioni Belle Époque

Splendidi gioielli ispirati alle geometrie della pellicola cinematografica, con gemme preziose, incorniciati da file di diamanti per catturare il dinamismo e la luce dello scorrere dei fotogrammi.

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Discover the works of jewelry art crafted for the Damiani Centenary

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Fantasy CutFantasy Cut

Fantasy Cut

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