Damiani thanks you for your purchase and would like to inform you that should your new jewellery be lost as a result of robbery or snatching, if you were wearing it at the time of the event you will receive jewellery of the same characteristics from Damiani or, failing that, jewellery with the same purchase value as the stolen jewellery.

1.This warranty:

  1. is personal and therefore valid only if at the time of the event covered by this warranty the jewellery is owned and worn by the purchaser or his/her family members;
  2. includes events that occurred worldwide;
  3. is null if the purchaser’s request is found to be false and fraudulent;
  4. covers robbery and snatching of jewellery being worn in the moment (the other cases are excluded: theft, loss, etc.);
  5. is valid for jewels worth no more than 100,000 euros (one hundred thousand euros);
  6. for insurance policies stipulated exclusively at a physical Store and therefore in paper format, the policy is only valid if the copy intended for the Broker of this certificate is sent within 30 days from the date of purchase to FUNK INTERNATIONAL S.p.A.
  7. The guarantee is not effective in the period between the date of the jewellery’s purchase and the date of the certificate’s mailing.

2. This warranty is valid for 36 months from the date of this certificate’s mailing via registered mail to FUNK INTERNATIONAL s.p.a. – mBe 655 – via Maddalena 1, 20122 Milan and will automatically cease upon the expiry of the aforementioned period. The insurance can be activated in two different ways:

  1. IN A PHYSICAL MONO-BRAND STORE: Request the insurance form at the Damiani Boutiques for all purchases made in boutiques, fill out the insurance form and mail it within 30 days from the date of purchase
  2. IN AN AUTHORISED PHYSICAL STORE/RETAILER: Request the insurance form from the AUTHORISED RETAILERS and Rocca Jewellers for purchases through these sales channels, filling out and sending in the insurance form within 30 days from the date of purchase.

3. If one of the events covered by this warranty occurs, within 7 days of the event (otherwise the warranty will expire) the purchaser must provide, together with the request for replacement, the following documentation by registered mail to FUNK INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. – Garibaldi 24, 15048 Valenza (AL) – Tel. +39 0131.942647 – Fax +39 0131.953234:

  1. written and detailed report filed with the competent Judicial Authority for the territory in which the event occurred;
  2. copy of this replacement certificate;
  3. Copy of the recorded delivery receipt of the certificate, if the certificate has been activated by paper trail


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