The Damiani Diamonds

Women and Diamonds: the Damiani universe. Only the best diamonds in purity, colour, cut and carat are worthy of adorning Damiani jewellery, which is why the Maison signs each of its creations with a small diamond within its setting. Every Damiani jewel is created to express a dream, fulfilling the desires of the woman who receives it as a gift. An instantaneous journey through time and space that brings back memorable moments.



The 10 Cs of a Damiani Diamond

1. Carat

A diamond’s carats indicate its weight, an indispensable element for its evaluation. It is measured in metric carats (ct); a carat is equal to one fifth of a gram. The diamonds in Damiani jewellery are available with infinite carats.


2. Cut

The cut indicates both the shape the gem is cut in and the proportions of the diamond’s cut. The cutter’s skill unveils the beauty lying hidden in the rough stones. Damiani only uses diamonds with high-quality cuts, proportions and symmetry.

3. Colour

The degree of colour defines the degree of colourlessness. The classification uses the letters of the Anglo-Saxon alphabet from D (perfectly colourless and rare diamonds) to Z (diamonds with intense colouring). When choosing diamonds for its jewellery, Damiani only selects those from D (the purest and rarest diamonds) to H, for absolute chromatic excellence.


4. Clarity

The purity of a diamond indicates the presence, number, position and size of any inclusions (traces of minerals) that are only visible with 10x magnification. The purity establishes its degree of perfection. Damiani only selects gems of extraordinary quality.

5. Craftsmanship

Damiani rings offer a perfect fit thanks to our exclusive “comfort fit” design. This exceptional structure and rounded profile make the ring pleasant and comfortable to wear.


6. Custom Made Jewelry

Create your own engagement ring by choosing from the infinite possible combinations, excited by the opportunity to engrave a name, date or thought on a diamond: an exclusive dream that only Damiani can offer.

7. Certificate

Damiani’s expert gemmologists use extreme care to select diamonds that are distinguished by their unsurpassed value and high guaranteed quality. To ensure its quality guarantee, Damiani personalises all diamonds of more than 0.3 carats with an exclusive laser engraving of the Damiani logo and the certification number on the stone’s band.


8. Change Option Guarantee

The value of a Damiani solitaire is timeless. Customers can replace their Damiani solitaire with another of equal or greater value when returned complete with its international certificate.

9. Coverage

Damiani jewellery is designed to be worn every day. This is why Damiani offers a unique service in the jewellery world: a warranty certificate that protects you against robbery and theft. Because serenity and guarantee are a luxury that only Damiani can offer.


10. Conflict And Child Labour Free

Damiani carefully selects its suppliers from a small group of companies that respect the Kimberley Process, an international initiative aimed at ensuring that the profits obtained from diamond trade do not contribute to financing civil wars (Conflict free diamonds). Damiani has also established a system of guarantees to ensure that industry operators continue to certify the origin of diamonds throughout the supply chain with a declaration of conformity. Damiani opposes the exploitation of child labour and demands that its suppliers never involve children to procure the raw materials used in the creation and production of jewels (Child Labour Free).

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