The jewels of the Margherita collection shine with their harmonious shapes and volumes.

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White gold and diamonds ring

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The jewels of the Margherita collection are the guardians of the point where tradition and contemporary design meet. Inspired by the ring that Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated to Queen Margherita in the early 1900s, they blend the wisdom and savoir-faire of Valenza’s master goldsmiths into a modern style. The perfection of the daisies becomes a harmony of shapes and volumes: they shine in the three versions in diamonds and white gold; in rose gold, brown diamonds and amethyst, and in... (Read more)


Fancy brown diamonds and emeralds evoke a precious desert on which daisies come to bloom. The centre of each features round-cut fancy vivid yellow and vivid orangey yellow diamonds, surrounded naturally by a display of petals whose unique shadings spring from the exceptional craftmanship of Valenza’s world-renowned stone-setters. 

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