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Damiani International Awards

Damiani jewels are characterised for their internationally recognised quality and distinguished for their sublime design, the quality of the gems, the excellence of their craftsmanship and the elegance they give to those who wear them. Every jewel is brought to life thanks to the skill and infinite passion of the master goldsmiths. The Maison has received and continues to receive prestigious Italian and international awards and holds the still-unmatched record of having won 18 Diamonds International Awards, the prestigious World Oscars for Jewellery.



The first Diamonds International Award recognising Damiani jewellery dates back to 1976 with the Squalo bracelet designed by Gabriella Damiani. A jewel of inestimable value in platinum and yellow gold, entirely illuminated by a pavè of white diamonds and absolutely pure jonquilles, for a total of 41.19 carats. Its originality is in the self-locking clip that elegantly and tightly encircles the arm.



Maria Tudor was the inspiration for the luxurious collier that evokes the collar of sixteenth-century dresses. The reference to the precious fabric is found in the nuances of burnished gold and yellow gold. 1121 full-cut and baguette-cut diamonds for a total of 87.98 carats that reference the interweaving of embroidery. It took 12 months to shape the gold into waves and embed the stones so that the metal appears as delicate and soft as linen.



The simplicity and purity of the lines are the signature of this beautiful bracelet: a minimal design rendered precious by the polished finishing that creates surfaces of pure light. Vulcano was made with 185 grams of gold and 346 baguette-cut diamonds, for a total of 40.63 carats.



Pure light: the ring is composed of 30 baguette-cut diamonds that run along two tracks, one in platinum and the other in yellow gold, which merge into the surprising centre: an absolutely pure, 0.77 carat triangular diamond.



This luxurious collier stands out for the contrast between the richness of its materials and the purity of its lines. The bands are in satin-finish platinum and yellow gold embedded with 646 full-cut diamonds and 476 baguette-cut diamonds, for a total 106.6 carats. The innovative solution? The clasp that opens the necklace in two, guaranteeing perfect wearability.



Sparkling with light like a precious wave, the Onda Marina bracelet winds through elegant spirals illuminated by 644 full-cut and baguette-cut diamonds, for a total of 30.25 carats.



958 pure gems for a total of 59.15 carats. Made of platinum and yellow gold, the Piovra bracelet evokes the mysterious charm of the oceans through its variously undulating planes, the luminous lines of the metal, the reflections of the diamonds and the shadows of the slate, whose unusual use adds a seductive enigmatic charge to the bracelet.



A flash of yellow gold, coloured gold and platinum lit by full-cut and baguette-cut diamonds give rise to a majestic bracelet. 88.59 carats of diamonds, 184 grams of platinum and 188.30 grams of gold. A magnificent expression of strength and vitality.



Pure diamonds set in 17.30 grams of platinum and 10.20 grams of yellow gold emanate pure light in the Caresse ring. Baguette-cut diamonds encircle the central triangular 0.70 carat diamond, creating the intersection of the jewel’s light: the final effect is like a softly enveloping and luminous caress.



Platinum and rose gold form a double spiral winding upwards. The soft movement of the ring is illuminated by 392 diamonds, for a total of 14.57 carats of ultra-pure gems, which flood every angle of the magnificent jewel with light.



is an interweaving of platinum, rose gold and yellow gold ribbons. The chromatic interplay is illuminated by the white light of 280 diamonds. It is the harmony of semi-spherical forms, skilfully constructed on the alternation of full and empty spaces. Wonderful earrings that refined goldsmith art has rendered as delicate as a breeze and as light as lace.



The spectacular collier created by Giorgio Damiani is composed of a series of slightly rounded triangular elements alternating in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. The elements are lined with 1450 round full-cut diamonds totalling 49.64 carats to create a magnificent jewel that transforms a refined architecture into an enveloping profusion of light.



A single yellow gold plate weighing 413.7 grams features a complex blue enamel finish. This precious base highlights the stars in relief in yellow and white gold, embellished with 659 diamonds for a total of 20.92 carats. Each star is made separately and screwed onto the bracelet with an elaborate screw system.



Sahara is the movement of rippled dunes. It is light that shines among mirages. 288.50 grams of gold and 1865 diamonds, creative imagination and quality gems: these are the virtues that make Sahara a unique bracelet.



The moon inspired Silvia Damiani to create these precious earrings dedicated to dreams. The metallic part in yellow gold has 13.19 carats of shining diamonds set in white gold that seem suspended in empty air, creating an interplay of chiaroscuro that evokes the darkness of the moon’s craters and suggests an imaginary concept of ​​depth.



Spectacular yellow gold ring with waves formed by a double face of 118 pure baguette-cut diamonds for a total of 8.3 carats. This ring’s peculiarity consists in its “three-dimensionality”: diamonds are also embedded in the sides of the jewel, enhancing the precious wave effect.



A luxurious bracelet made of yellow gold and illuminated by 380 baguette-cut diamonds for a total of 40.67 carats. A modern and essential design with an ornamental motif that alternates squares of gold and diamonds.



Seduction, allure, femininity: these concepts inspired Giorgio Damiani in the creation of Eden, a bracelet that encircles the arm with light and femininity. The bracelet took about 800 hours to make; it is in white gold with 900 full-cut diamonds, for a total of 95.01 carats.