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Belle Époque

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Belle Époque

The iconic Belle Époque necklace with its detachable cross becomes a precious tribute to the Maison’s prestigious anniversary in the unique Rainbow version, with bright, colourful princess-cut sapphires set into a delicate rose gold frame.

The exquisite Masterpiece is completed by the exclusive limited edition One of 95, each of the 95 numbered editions available representing one glorious year of the Maison’s history. In this exclusive edition, each side of the detachable cross is embellished with princess-cut sapphires to bathe each jewel in light.

Two shades of blue, azure and purple, two shades of pink and orange, two shades of yellow and two shades of green: these are the exquisite colours of Damiani’s precious palette, represented in the delicate cross necklaces with brilliant-cut sapphires.

The graphic and elegant design is also inspired by the world of cinema, an alternating sequence of baguette-cut diamonds with rubies, emeralds and sapphires arranged to create an exquisite film strip where each frame captures an unforgettable moment.

Precious moments of life encapsulated in timeless jewels.

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