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Damiani Wedding Bands

Damiani has always known how to best reinterpret the traditional concept of a wedding ring, the symbol of the promise of eternal love, transforming it into a masterpiece of contemporary jewellery.


Damiani wedding rings are a true classic of the goldsmith’s jewellery collections, combining a touch of originality with the timeless tradition of its wedding rings. With its collection of wedding rings, Damiani has redesigned and updated the classic conception of marriage, giving life to new and unforgettable rings, a symbol of the promise of eternal love. Damiani wedding rings represent a reciprocal gift between newlyweds and have a strong symbolic meaning. They are available in white, rose, yellow or platinum gold and stand out for their perfect fit thanks to the “comfort fit” design. All of Damiani’s wedding rings are embellished with the embedding of a small diamond within, which emphasises the uniqueness and eternity of an important moment like your wedding day.

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